Maintaining Work-Life Balance in the Digital Era

While the Internet and mobile device have significantly changed the way we connect with friend, family, and work contacts, these technologies have also changed the boundaries between work and home. Many of us wind up checking our emails compulsively during off hours, examining LinkedIn, and looking at work related documents on our cellphones and laptops. Clients and supervisors might text you at odd hours, taking you attention away from leisure time or dinner. Here are some ways you can regain control over your work life balance by setting tech restrictions.

Set Boundaries

There”s a reason why some people have separate phones for business and personal use. Try to minimize the amount of contact you have with work materials outside the office. If you work a traditional 9-5 shift, then leave your professional technology and files at work. Remove access to work emails from your personal devices, so that you”re not tempted to check these accounts during your down time. See if you can adjust your tech habits to separate your home and work lives.


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Go Unplugged

Some of us are attached to our technology at the hip. We might be addicted to status updates and alerts. However, this can keep us perpetually on edge, never allowing us a moment to relax. See how long you can survive by switching off the work devices that demand your attention, such as your laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Take your dog for a walk, play a musical instrument, or do some kind of activity that doesn”t require constant communications.

Encourage Phone Calls

If you must maintain communications during your off hours, see if you can request phone calls instead. Set your email to send out an autoresponder once you”re out of the office, asking people to call you regarding anything urgent. If the issue is actually urgent, then they will give you a call. But if the issue can wait until the next day, then these people will be more likely to contact you later.

Learn to Relax

Now that you”ve unplugged your devices and separated your work life from your home life, it”s time to relax! Give yourself a home spa treatment with a hot bath and a facial peel. Catch up on your favorite TV shows and get some time outdoors. Doesn”t it feel great to enjoy your leisure time without interruption?

The digital era has forced many of us into tricky situations regarding work-life balance. Rest outside of work is extremely important, because it allows us to recharge ourselves for the next day of work. Make sure to prioritize your home relaxation and cut down on work interruptions.


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