5 Amazing Apps that Pet Lovers will Enjoy!

Remember when technology and pets meant having that virtual pet that you couldn’t keep up with if your life depended on it? Today’s technology with pets is so much better.

In the form of smartphone applications, pet owners can schedule feedings, book hotel rooms, and even schedule a play date for your pup. Check out these five great pet apps.


If you like to travel with your pets or are in the process of a cross-country move, then you might know how difficult it is to find a place to stay that’s pet friendly. Often, people will stay wherever they can book and sneak in the pup or kitty through the back door.

The BringFido app searches for hotels that allow pets. You search by location and then select a hotel to view. The app gives you a complete profile and even the current rates. You can book right through your phone or call.

When your stay is done, you can also write a short review for others to read.


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Doggy Datez

Humans have all kinds of dating sites for meeting people and and they have apps, but what about our furry friends? The Doggy Datez app is the answer for setting up your pooch with a fun play date.

Basically, it works like a social network. Dog owners tag locations they plan to visit with their dog. You can either respond or simply head over to the area and run into them. The app filters by a wide range of factors, including breed of dog.

So if you’re interested in going to a local dog park and meeting a blonde with long hair who’s under 35 and owns a Boxer, then this app for you!

Pet Phone

This app works like a personal organizer for anything that’s pet related. You build the profile for your pet and assign attributes such as medications, feed times, characteristics; you can even set up a small text journal.

This app will sync your calendar and send reminders for various scheduled events such as vet appointments and play dates. Pet Phone is a fun organizer that helps you keep your pet healthy and stores critical information about your pets or any others you care for.

Pet Poison Help

Keeping track of which plants can hurt your pet can be tough. Pet Poison Help is a great app that lists both individual items and combinations that can harm your pet.

This is extremely useful for pet owners who live in an area with a high pollen count or want to plant some flowers in their garden. You can search by plant or by symptom to diagnose any problems.

Pet First Aid

This app is more than an organizer you can store your pet’s information in. It connects to a vast database of symptoms that can help figure out whether or not your pet is having a problem.

If there is a problem, Pet First Aid will give you instructions on how to apply first aid to your pet just as you would a person. Once the first aid has been applied, then you can direct dial your vet to see if he or she can tell what’s making your furry friend ill.

With these apps in your phone, you can take your pet on any kind of adventure and feel prepared to deal with whatever happens.


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