Labeling Your Belongings Reduces Mental and Visual Clutter

When it comes to keeping a tidy living space, many home management experts feel that an organized home is equivalent to an organized mind. These days, many people have much more “stuff” than can even fit into their living spaces. From filled garages, basements and attics to the use of off-site storage, people often lose track of what they own, resulting in the need to go buy another one of what they already have, which just adds to the clutter. Proper organization and storage begins with accurate and clear labeling of the items within the container. According to this article on Good Housekeeping, understanding how to label stored items can help anyone get organized.

Tools for Home Organization

Before labeling what you have, you first need to sort through your possessions and declutter what you no longer use, need or love, explains this article on CNN. Once you”ve thinned out your belongings, you”re ready to create an organizational system. In addition to clear and appropriately sized containers, you”ll need a labeling system. While tape loses its adhesiveness and markers rub off or don”t work on certain surfaces, you can get long-lasting results from heat shrinkable markers, explains this article on Gamma Electronics. These labels stick at temperatures as cold as -55 degrees Fahrenheit and as hot as 135 degrees Fahrenheit. The label”s ink doesn”t rub off and is resistant to smears, smudges and moisture.


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The Importance of Proper Labeling

There”s no point to organizing your stuff and putting it into containers if you don”t have a way of labeling what is in there. In order to find anything, you”d have to open every single box or storage bin and rummage through the contents. Heat shrink label markers allow you to concisely notate what”s inside of any container. Proper labeling allows you to easily locate what you have stashed away, explains this article on Real Simple. With proper labeling, you can send your partner, kids, or a total stranger to find a particular box or item within a storage bin, and they should be able to find it. Heat shrink label markers work well with labeling systems in case your penmanship is a little rusty.

Creating Organizational Labels That Make Sense

When you”re using heat shrink labeling markers to identify the contents of a box or storage bin, you need to be concise but not wordy about what”s inside. The description needs to fit on a small label, after all. One way to organize your storage containers with labels is to pick a category such as clothing and then add one or two descriptive words to make that label more concise, such as “winter girls.” If you have more than one bin of the same type of item, create a numbering system and add that to the label as well. For baby clothes, you might use the heat shrink label marker to identify bins by gender and size.


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